The 21st National Conference on
Artificial Intelligence and
Cognitive Science
NUI Galway
30 August - 1 September 2010
Schedule of Events. (pdf here)

All oral presentations will be held in IT125, 1st Floor, Information Technology Building.

Monday 30th August
1200 Registration: IT Building Foyer
1300 Welcome
1315 Keynote Address: Prof. J.A. Scott Kelso
1430 President's Address: Dr. James J. Browne
1445-1515 Coffee: IT Building Foyer
1515-1655 Session I: Artificial Intelligence
  • Evolving Racetrack Knowledge in a Racing Game. Sam Redfern
  • Optimizing Conflicting Objectives in NMF Using Pareto Simulated Annealing. Kevin Foley, Derek Greene and Padraig Cunningham.
  • Solving Fully Deceptive Problems in Changing Environments. Seamus Hill and Colm O'Riordan
  • Semantic Web Technologies: From Theory to Standards (Review Paper). Axel Polleres.
1655-1730 Poster Session Introduction
1730 Student Symposium and Poster session in conjunction with Welcome Reception. IT Building Foyer
Tuesday 31st August
0830-0915 Registration: IT Building Foyer
0915-1055 Session II: Neural Networks and Machine Learning
  • Brief overview of novelty detection methods for robotic cumulative learning. (Review Paper). Emmett Kerr, Yiannis Gatsoulis, Nazmul H Siddique, Joan V Condell and T. Martin McGinnity.
  • The Extent of Clientelism in Irish Politics: Evidence from Classifying Dail Questions on a Local-National Dimension. Sarah Jane Delany, Richard Sinnott and Niall O'Reilly.
  • Emotion Tracking for Remote Conferencing Applications Using Neural Networks. Paul Smith and Sam Redfern.
  • Exploring the Evolution of NoC-Based Spiking Neural Networks on FPGAs. (Review Paper). Fearghal Morgan, Seamus Cawley, Brian McGinley, Sandeep Pande, Liam McDaid, Brendan Glackin, John Maher and Jim Harkin.
1055-1130 Coffee: IT Building Foyer
1130-1245 Session III: Cognitive Science
  • Acquisition of Verbs and Argument Structures in Second Language: Implications for Organisation of Multilingual Mental Lexicon. Sarah Berthaud and Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott.
  • What else could have caused it? Counterfactuals, Enablers and Alternatives. Suzanne Egan, Caren Frosch and Emily Hancock.
  • Putting Things "Between" Perspective. Robert Ross and John Kelleher.
1245-1400 Lunch (light lunch provided in IT Building foyer)
1400-1605 Session IV: Sentiment Analysis
  • Taking the Pulse of the Web: Assessing Sentiment on Topics in Online Media. (Review Paper). Anthony Brew, Derek Greene and Padraig Cunningham.
  • User Sentiment Detection: A YouTube Use Case. Smitashree Choudhury and John Breslin.
  • Predicting Helpful Product Reviews. (Review Paper). Michael O'Mahony, Padraig Cunningham and Barry Smyth.
  • Machine Learning Techniques for Sentiment Analysis of Super Bowl Commercials. John Conroy and Josephine Griffith.
  • Crowdsourced Real-world Sensing: Sentiment Analysis and the Real-Time Web. (Review Paper). Adam Bermingham and Alan F. Smeaton.
1605-1630 Coffee.
1630-1730 Keynote address: Ulrik Brandes
1730-1800 AICS Community Meeting
2000 Conference dinner: The House Hotel
Wednesday 1st September
9.30-10.45 Session V: Neuroscience
  • A Short Review of fMRI Data Analysis for Cognitive Understanding and Psychiatric Illness Detection. (Review Paper). Mei Chen and Michael Madden.
  • EEG Coherence, Aging, and Memory. Michael Hogan, Michael Keane, Peter Collins, Liam Kilmartin, Robert Lai and Neil Upton.
  • Classification of Schizophrenic and Control Subjects Using Multi-Site fMRI Data. Abdenour Bounsiar and Michael Madden.
10.45-11.15 Coffee: IT Building Foyer
11.15-12.55 Session VI: Optimisation, Information Retrieval and Applications
  • Numberjack: A Constraint Programming Platform. Emmanuel Hebrard, Eoin O'Mahony and Barry O'Sullivan.
  • Towards Tagging and Categorization for Micro-blogs. Sandra Garcia Esparza, Michael O'Mahony and Barry Smyth.
  • An Architecture for Real-time Textual Query Term Extraction from Images. Cathal Hoare and Humphrey Sorensen.
  • Expertise Mining. Georgeta Bordea and Paul Buitelaar.
12.55 Closing address

AICS 2010 gratefully acknowledges its sponsors: Amiando. Clique Research Cluster. Discipline of Information Technology. School of Psychology. NUI Galway and NUI Galway’s Millennium Fund.